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Our Amsterdam Southeast Practice

The top chiropractor in Amsterdam Zuid, Lighthouse Health  in Amsterdam Zuidoost provides well-being chiropractic techniques and so much more. Located within the Fitness365complex, Embody is much more than a center for chiropractic. Embody’s holistic lifestyle and health philosophy is accentuated by the amenities at our co-facility at Fitness365.

Medical Departments

The Backbone of our Clinic


M 54 toward Gein to Holendrecht Station. Alternatively, take the Sprinter To Holendrecht station. Walk past Amsterdam Medisch Centrum and turn right on the pedestrian overpass toward Stekkenbergweg. Fitness365 and Lighthouse Health Chiropractor Amsterdam Zuidoost will be on your left.

Our Chiropractor Services in Amsterdam Zuidoost

We provide all chiropractic services and treat a host of different health complaints. These include:

  • Back Pain – We specialize in treating all uncomfortable, painful, or deleterious conditions of the back.
  • Lower Back Pain (Lumbago) – One of the most common musculoskeletal conditions, lumbago can slow even the most active of people. Our techniques can get you moving again.
  • Neck Pain – The neck is one of the most injury prone parts of the body. Treat and prevent injuries with regular appointments.
  • Hiatal Hernia – Highly specialized techniques are used to not only treat but fix many types of hiatal hernia.
  • Whiplash – Whiplash is a common but poorly understood injury. We employ proven techniques for relief and healing.
  • Herniated Disc – A common and painful condition, we treat the causes and complications of a slipped disc.
  • Sciatica – A pinched sciatic nerve can lead to a painful condition of the lower back and legs. Often a result of a herniated disc, we aim to treat the root of the problem.
  • Sports Injury – We not only treat sports injuries, but utilize techniques to prevent them in the first place.
  • Headaches/migraines – When common treatments aren’t effective, many people turn to chiropractic care for treatment of re-occurring headaches of all types.
  • Stress – All too common today, stress can lead to physical complications. We not only treat the effects, we can help treat the underlying stress itself.

Working Hours

MONDAY 10:00-19:00
TUESDAY 15:30-19:00
WEDNESDAY 14:00-19:00
THURSDAY 09:00-12:00

Fees & Insurance

All of our prices can be found on our prices page . Our services are covered by most insurances. Please see our insurance page for more information

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