Uitgebreide therapiediensten

Our Services are Based on a Combined Effort

Holistic Approach

At Lighthouse Health, we understand that the body and mind are inseparable. A balance between mental health, diet, and physical well-being are integral in achieving the highest possible level of wellness. We believe in an ongoing, comprehensive approach to health is what is needed in a hectic world where this is often neglected. Let us develop a customized lifestyle strategy, together.

Your Baby and your Body Deserve the Best chance at Health

Pre-Natal and New Mom Care

Pregnancy and New motherhood are incredible and truly awesome times for many women. The experience, though, often does not come without some complications or at the very least discomfort. Regular chiropractic care can even result in significantly shorter delivery times. We are here to help start this new chapter of your life with maximum wellness.

Directing your energies

Posture Correction

The benefits of good posture are all too often underestimated, as is bad posture’s direct relation to common ailments like back pain, muscle fatigue, and injury. Bad posture over time can lead to degeneration of the spine and its associated components over time. We are here to fix the issue, before or after it manifests negative symptoms.